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MCS has the products you need — right now! We stock thousands of quality items from a variety of vendors, so you always have what you need – when you need it.

Available products:
- Temperature, pressure, and level transmitters
- Liquid measurement skids
- Custom solar power packages
- Electrical conduit, fittings, and junction boxes
- Custom hook-up kits
- Seal rings
- Electronic flow meters
- Sample probes
- Thermowells
- Instrument fittings
- Meter and instrument manifolds
- Tubing fittings
- Quick connects
- Valves
- Regulators
- Batteries
- Battery boxes and custom enclosures
- Poles and mounting brackets
- Gauges
- Manifolds
- Test equipment and certification
- Electrical and instrument hand tools
- Orifice plates

We proudly work with these vendors:

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